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Priest!Spock and McCoy au. Timeline: After the Destruction of Vulcan Spock and Bones stay on the Enterprise. Spock is lost. McCoy tries to be his anchor. (for story look through previous journal entries :)

-Here you fucking are! You stupid little, Vulcan priest! You can’t simply vanish like that. I should finally do as Jim requested and put you on a goddamn leash….
- “…”
-What’re doing on the observation deck in the middle of the night anyway? You’re still sick, shivering like a goddamn palsy patient and fuck… I’m not ready yet to let you wander alone around this ship when you could so easily get lost or even hurt… you know, I got all these records… the other Vulcans they can’t handle the broken bonds… some of them even.. they… fuck..I wont lose you… I…
- They’re gone.
- Spock? Hey…
- They’re all gone.
- Spock…they’re but I’m here. I’m here and always will be, darlin’…

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Hetaoni00 1 day ago  Student General Artist
omfg your art is amazing 
Sherstradeeeeeeeeeee :heart:
you like Sherstrade? ^^ and thank you.
Hetaoni00 1 hour ago  Student General Artist
It's my OTP. And no problem~
I really like how you draw them all ;3;
Crystal-Magic13 Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer


Sorry to bother you all of a sudden,

but I'm looking for SaskatchewanStardust.

She suddenly deactivated three days ago,

and I was wondering if you knew anything

about it? I wouldn't say we were the closest

of friends, but I considered her a friend,

and I really miss her. I know you two were

close, so do you know anything?

Sorry to bother you.

she is not on deviantart anymore? really? she is still on tumblr though. You don't bother me. don't worry.
Crystal-Magic13 Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Well, her account is supposedly still around,

but you can't reply to any comments on her

work, or comment on it, or go to her profile.

Maybe she got banned? Idk, I thought you

might know, she talked to you a lot.

Hello! Looking for Sherstrade, I found your fanarts. I love the way you draw Sherlock. He's so soft, so melancholy, he looks like a victorian heroine. He's beautiful!
hey :D I am glad you like my artwork and how I draw Sherlock. I really like to show his softer, more melancholic side. :D
Au-roar Oct 28, 2013
The way you draw Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely adorable Emoji04
(your Spock/McCoy sketches.. ohmygod )

You should really keep drawing (:
You are so very sweet :D I am glad you enjoy all of my artwork that much. You make me happy.
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