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Submitted on
January 17, 2013


9 (who?)

Something bad happened. Sherlock is breaking. Can Victor and Lestrade pick up the pieces?

-"What happened? Sherlock!"
-"You have to calm down, Sherlock! You are hurting yourself!"

p.s. Feedback is really appreciated. Do you want to see more about V, L and S?


Sherlock is lost. Victor and Lestrade are worried.

-"Don't give up, Greg. He needs you. He will be alright. I am sure!"
-"I don't know what to do anymore. He is lost in his own world and I am slowly running out of breadcrumbs to show him the way back."


And a WIP. Trying to finish it soon. Three handsome men.

  • Mood: Sadness
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This is really sad, beautiful, and absolutely fantastic, thank you! Heart
Don't be sad... *hugs* Here, have a scene for the last picture...


They got out of the car and Mycroft sighed lightly. Gregory looked around, Victor watched Sherlock with a smile and Mycroft was not sure if he liked him. But Sherlock... His precious younger brother, skinny and pale, from some weakness probably. New suit emphasises how thin his legs were. He looked so young! A twelve-years old boy trapped in a body of a twenty-year-old man.
Gregory turned to Sherlock and when Holmes looked at him he smiled. He said something and Sherlock nodded. That was almost incredible how much this man could help Mycroft's little brother. Victor waved them and got into the car. Lestrade showed Sherlock the way and they finally came into the cafe where Mycroft was waiting for them.
Thank you very much for writing this little snippet. Oh, my dear you are really talented. Awwh that was wonderful, you really cheered me up. <3 awwh I love Mycrofts pov. And how he seems so protective over Sherlock. Awwh I am curious about how the meeting between S, L and M went. :-) awwh and I love that you included Victor :-) Thank you so much. <3
I'm not sure if I fully trust your Victor but it's more his fault then yours. But if Sherlock is happy with him then ok :D
I'm glad you liked it ^^
At the art they looked like they were in the middle of a scene, like they just got out of car or something. So I just needed to do this :D
awwh I hope someday you will trust Victor Trevor like Lestrade he has only Sherlocks best interest at heart. :-) I think Sherlock is very fond of his friend too. ^___-
I know I just... don't know him enough. I think my Lestrade didn't trust him neither. But Sherlock probably asked him to trust Victor and Lestrade had no choice.
SaskatchewanStardust Jan 18, 2013
wow. this is amazing!! awww such lovely strong men :heart: aww the first picture breaks my heart!!! poor Victor and Greg, and poor Sherlock is so upset and his friends have to help him through it aww Victor and Lestrade are so caring and sweet :heart: aww and Sherlock's hair looks so lovely and awwwhh i love also the way they react to Sherlock panicking: Victor is calm, even though he is upset and terrified, trying to get Sherlock to tell him what happened while Greg is begging with him not to hurt himself and he is much more emotional awww

and the second picture is very sad also. poor poor Greg must feel so helpless sometimes..

but awwhh how lovely they are :heart: the third drawing is so so wonderful AWW they all look so handsome in their suits!!!! :) :) such lovely brave men
awwh thank you so much, my friend. I am again amazed that you liked my little collection of sketches. :-) Awwh and again I have to say you really captured in your words what I wanted to show with my sketches. ^^ Yeah Victor is upset but he is definitely the calmer out of them two. I think when it comes to S being not well, Lestrade can get very emotional and very, very upset. His happiness is probably tied to S's happiness. ^^

Thank you for taking the time to comment. You are very kind.
JellybeanPimp Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My heart hurts. I hope that Lestrade can help Sherlock back to reality!
awwh I am sorry :hug: :clomp: but I am so glad I could touch you again with my drawings. <3
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