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January 4, 2013


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so many exams and so many papers to finish. I will try to answer your messages soon, dear friends. No time for nothing. I am sorry.

A little sketch:

Sherlock gets very sick during a difficult and gruesome case. Lestrade is worried.

   - "Sherlock, you are sick. You need a break."

   - "Go away. I need to think."

Follow up to my last Sherlock sick picture. Finally the illness catches up with Sherlock.

   - "That was definitly too much for him."

For SaskatchewanStardust  because she is sick too and maybe some Lestrade and Sherlock can cheer her up. ;-)


Victor and Sherlock. Being happy.

   - "Let's go home, darling!"

ps: awwh I have so many Victor and Sherlock feels right now. :D

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JellybeanPimp Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope everything will clear up soon so everything becomes easier!
ChocolateChip45 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the first sketch. It so reminds me of something Sherlock would do. I've been writing a lot about Sherlock Holmes aside from fan fictions, so I can study his behavior and write my adaptation of Sherlock Holmes that I've been working on.

The second picture is so lovely. It made me have those feels! Oh the feels! Oh all the feels!!!
DNA-The-Authoress Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Again, whatever SaskatchewanStardust said, I probably mean, too.... I can't compare to her comments. XD I really do love these, though, and I hope you feel better soon! Seems everyone's sick right now :/
SaskatchewanStardust Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
oh my i love this little picture so much :love: oh poor sherlock - he neglects his body so often, especially during cases, it is not a surprise that he has fallen ill. And of course he would try to carry on as if he were not sick, which would just make his sickness worse and he would become more and more frustrated. I am quite sick right now and it is hard to think and act as I normally would because of being sick, and undoutably this is happening to poor Sherlock: his deductions are harder than usual, his mind is not as fast, and he gets confused and all this makes him so frustrated. And then he will push himself harder, because he does not like being sick and being confused.

Poor Lestrade - not only does he feel so helpless, because Sherlock is sick and he cannot fix him - but he knows that Sherlock is pushing himself too hard and though he tries to tell Sherlock that it is okay, that Sherlock must rest and that it is not a shameful thing to be sick, Sherlock does not listen or believe him. It is very sad to see your friends and loved ones sick, poor Greg. We know he would take Sherlock's sickness upon himself if he could, but I think he feels upset because he can't. This is one thing he cannot protect Sherlock from. He cannot throw himself in front of Sherlock and take the illness for him, and Lestrade doesn't like that at all.

But even though Lestrade couldn't stop Sherlock being sick he can take care of him :) aww I love it when Lestrade takes care of his detective and awwww he is bringing him tea! So sweet :heart: Aw I wish I had Lestrade to bring me tea whenever I liked. heheeh that would be very nice to have a handsome tea man to bring tea. Aw I love how you've drawn the steam from the teapot. I love when you draw smoke or steam or mist, it is all wispy and lovely, indeed many of your pictures are drawn in a style that makes me think of wispy smoke and mist and it is so beautiful! Lestrade looks so wonderful in this picture. He is so steady and so strong and so reliable in his suit and with his handsome face and neat hair. Lestrade is someone who is mostly unchanging: who is like a rock in the middle of an ocean, something steady to hold onto. He looks very much like that in this picture, where everything else is in disarray but Lestrade is put together.

But then, Sherlock, by contrast is falling apart a bit. He is sick and frustrated and desperate. Aw I know how frustrated he must feel that he is unable to complete his work: I have exams and summative projects that I must study for and work on over the break, but it is hard for me because I am sick. I feel upset because being sick is stopping me from working at my best, and this is surely how poor Sherlock must feel. The world of crime does not stop for him to get over his cold, and he is wasting precious time with his illness. He must be so upset with himself for being sick: it is such a waste of time, and he has such trouble solving the case. I love the way he sits: crosslegged with his face in his hands. You are wonderful with poses. It is a perfect pose for the scene: he looks very hopeless and sick. He seems to even dig his nails into his face, like he might have a headache as well, poor thing. I also love that the bed is in a mess, with all the pillows and blankets all over. That is how my bed looks right now too! When you are sick it is hard to get comfortable and you roll all over the place and tangle your sheets. It also reflects how his poor mind must be: in a state of constant disarray.

But what a lovely drawing :) Sherlock is being Sherlock, as usual, very stubborn, but I'm not scared for him because he has Lestrade there to take care of him. He will not just go away from his sick detective, he will stay there as long as Sherlock is sick, and he will make sure Sherlock is not too stressed and that Sherlock has tea and medicine and I imagine he will hug Sherlock tightly as well and stroke his lovely hair and wipe his forehead if he has a fever :heart: awww thank you for this wonderful drawing. I am so sorry that you are under such stress. I know there is not very much that I can do to help, but if there is anything at all you just need to ask! :hug: Do not lose hope! School is rough, and I know there is nothing I can say that will make the work better but I love you and I know you will get through it!
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